2-way Dynamic – Open Category

Information, Rules & Technical Conditions

  1. Venue
  2. Category
  3. Competition Dates
  4. Schedule
  5. Prizes
  6. Eligibility
  7. How to Apply
  8. Fees
  9. Training Flights/Practice Time
  10. Equipment
  11. Competition Officials
  12. Catering
  13. Entertainment
  14. Video
  15. General Competition Rules
  16. Free round rules
  17. Speed round rules
  18. Bust for speed rounds
  19. Performance Requirements
  20. The Draw
  21. Video Recording
  22. Tunnel Entry Procedure
  23. Judging
  24. Re-flights
  25. Protests
  26. Determination of the Champion Team
  27. Addendum A – Moves


WindoorRealfly, Sector Aeroclub s/n, Empuriabrava, Spain 17486. 


Dynamic Team Event (Two Performers and an alternate).
A maximum of 10 Rounds: 6 Full Compulsory; and 2 Free Rounds of 60 seconds working time.
One Category : All entrants will compete in one open category.

3.Competition Dates

Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th January 2015.


The competition will run concurrently with the FS Female, VFS, Dynamic 4-way and Freestyle competitions, over two days with the awards ceremony and party taking place on the Saturday evening. Entry includes 15 minutes of training time to be used from 17 – 22nd Jan 2016.

5. Prizes

Prizes will be awarded with a minimum entry of 10 teams as follows:
1st. 2000€
2nd. 1000€
3rd. 1 hour tunnel time.

6. Eligibility

6.1 All members of teams should be experienced tunnel flyers.
6.2 All members of teams who are new to Windoor Realfly must have been fully briefed, signed a waiver and have flown in the Windoor Realfly tunnel before the start of the competition.
6.3 Team members may be of any nationality.
6.4 Team members may be of any gender.
6.5 One alternate per team may be nominated before the competition starts.
6.6 An individual may be a member of only one team per category, even if this is as an alternate.

7. How to Apply

7.1 Due to health and safety requirements (in terms of maximum building capacity), numbers of teams are limited. Attendance at the competition is therefore by application and invitation only.
7.2 The maximum number of teams is 60. (Divided amongst all categories and disciplines including FS, Dynamic, VFS and Freestyle).
7.3 Application forms should be completed by the team captain and sent to Windoor Realfly as part of the payment inscription process.

Register here

8. Fees

8.1 Entry fees must be paid at the time of application via the online payment form. Payment can be taken on a Credit or debit card. An application form that does not include the payment is not a recognized registration.
8.2 The early bird discounted entry fee is €595 per Team before 17 December 2015. The entry includes 15 minutes of training time to be used from 17 – 22nd Jan 2016.
8.3 From the 18th December 2015, the discount will no longer apply and the price per team entry will be 640€.
8.4 For individuals participating in more than one event, the first entry will be paid in full, and subsequent registrations in other categories will be subject to a discount of 25%. This discount will only be applied to individuals and will not be applied to the team as a whole, unless all team members are participating in more than one event.
8.5 The entry fee is not refundable unless the competition is cancelled by Windoor Realfly.
8.6 In the event of the competition being cancelled by Windoor Realfly the entry fee is the only refund that will be available. No compensation will be awarded to cover travel and/or accommodation expenses incurred by teams.

9. Training Flights/Practice Time

9.1 Training flights may only take place prior to the start of the competition. Fifteen minutes per team has been allocated and included in the entry fee.
9.2 Official training sessions can take place from 17 – 22nd January 2016.
9.3 Additional Training time is available prior to the competition weekend at additional cost on a first come first served basis, extended opening hours will be in operation to allow teams the maximum opportunity to train. Special training rates will apply from 8th – 22nd January 2016.

10. Equipment

10.1 Each individual is responsible for supplying their own clothing and footwear.
10.2 Flight suits, helmets, goggles, elbow & knee pads and ear plugs may be supplied upon request on arrival, subject to availability.
10.3 Various items of kit may be available to buy from the Windoor Realfly shop.
10.4 Elbow and knee pads are not essential although advisable. 10.6 If your Weight Belts is deemed to be unsuitable you may be asked to wear it inside your flight suit.

11. Competition Officials

11.1 The competitors will be notified of the attending officials during the Competitors’ Briefing.

12. Catering

12.1 There is a restaurant on site which will be open throughout the competition.
12.2 Competitors are welcome to bring their own food, but only food purchased in the restaurant may be consumed on the top floor of the tunnel.
12.3 Alcohol is not permitted to those who are flying until the end of each flying day.
12.4 Competitors are not permitted to bring their own alcohol into the tunnel facility.

13. Entertainment

13.1 After the awards ceremony on the evening of Saturday 24 Jan, there will be a party.

14. Video

14.1 All flight sessions will be recorded using the scoring system. This will be backed up by a DVD recording
14.2 Rounds are recorded and judged from the overhead propeller camera.
14.3 Copies of flight sessions may be available at an extra cost after the competition has ended.
14.4 No camera or video equipment is allowed in the flight chamber or flight chamber waiting area unless Windoor Realfly has given written consent.
14.5 All entrants will, by entering the competition, be deemed to have agreed to be filmed and the resultant images shall be owned exclusively by Windoor Realfly; its agents or assigns.

15. General Competition Rules

15.1 All participants accept these rules as binding by registering for the Windoor Realfly Wind Games 2016. No departure from these rules is permitted. For anything not specified in these rules competitors should refer to FAI rules.
15.2 Where an unforeseen change is felt necessary to ensure the smooth running of the competition, a meeting will be held between Chief Judge, Meet Director and competitors.
15.3 The team shall consist of 2 competitors including the team captain. One alternate may be nominated.
15.4 Competitors may only be members of one team per discipline including alternates.
15.5 Windoor Realfly reserves the right to amend or cancel the competition, rules and/or the prizes at their discretion. In the event of the competition being cancelled Windoor Realfly will not be liable for competitors travel costs.
15.6 There is only one doorway leading into the flight chamber. This is used for both entries and exits.
15.7 This information was correct at the time of going to print but may be subject to change.

16. Free round rules

16.1 Teams create a routine of their choice which last 60 seconds.
16.2 Routine will be scored on Presentation, Technical difficulty and Execution. Marks will be scored out of 10.0.
16.3 Time starts when the first flyer enters the tunnel.

17. Speed round rule

17.1 Teams fly the sequence as fast as they can 3 times and then exit the tunnel.
17.2 The sequence consists of a random draw of 1 line – 1 layout – 1 move in that order. (All lines, layouts and moves can be found in the descriptions and video below).
17.3. Time starts when the first team members´ feet leave the floor.
17.4. Time finishes when the last team members´ feet land on the floor.

18. Bust for speed rounds

18.1. When the whole body does not pass the intended lines.
18.2. When any part of the body passes through the circle on all layouts.
18.3. When any chase, layout or move is not performed correctly.
18.4. Teams can only bust once for each line, layout or move on each sequence.
18.5. All busts will incur a 5 second penalty.
18.6 .If there is no clear attempt to perform the line, layout or move a 20 second penalty will be incurred.
18.7. If there is a deliberate exit of the tunnel before completion of the 3 sequences, the team will forfeit the round.

19. Performance Requirements

19.1. The compulsory Routines consist of a number of Compulsory sequences or Randoms drawn from the pools as described in Addendum A.
19.2. Each compulsory round consists of 3 random moves (1xSnake, 1 x Circle/Shuffler, 1xLayout)
19.3. The order in which teams must perform their Randoms is as drawn. Once the 3 Randoms have been completed, they should be repeated, in order, until the working time has ended.
19.4. It is the competitors’ responsibility to stay in view of the judges, situated in the viewing gallery.
19.5. The content of the Free Routine(s) is chosen entirely by the team.
19.6. Competitors should be aware that the teams who devise different routines for each of the Free rounds may score higher than those who perform the same routine for each round.

20. The Draw

20.1 The draw of the Randoms on the morning of the start of the competition will be supervised by the Meet Director and Chief Judge.
20.2 The Randoms, will be placed into three containers. One container for Snake moves, one container for Circle/Shuffle moves and so on. One Random will be drawn from each container, one at a time, without replacement.
20.3 The sequence for the compulsory draw will be 1 x Snake Move, 1 x Circle/Shuffler, 1 x Layout Move.
20.4 A separate draw will be made on the morning of the 18th for the semi-finals and finals.

21. Video Recording

19.1 The competition will be recorded using the Windoor Realfly tunnel cameras.

22.Tunnel Entry Procedure

20.1 The tunnel will be set at the correct speed for the round (speed decided by the team in the practice time).
20.2 When the tunnel is at the correct speed, the team will be given the go ahead by the tunnel instructor. The chronometer will start the moment the head and shoulders of either team member are through the flight chamber door.
20.3 At the end of the working time the flashing lights will come on and teams have 15 seconds to exit.

23. Judging

23.1 The flights will be judged from the viewing gallery. A backup DVD will be recorded and used in the event of a technical problem.
23.2 A minimum of two judges must evaluate each team’s performance.
23.3 The Chief Judge is responsible for all judging and scoring.
23.4 If a video review is necessary, the judges will watch each flight up to a maximum of two times and at normal speed. The second viewing may be waived if all judges agree it is not necessary.
23.5 The start and finish of the working time will be indicated in the tunnel and will be clearly visible from the video.

24. Re-flights

24.1 Re-flights will only take place at the Meet Directors discretion, after presentation from the chief judge.

25. Protests

25.1 Protests may be permitted at the discretion of the Meet Director.
25.2 In the event of a team disputing a judging decision, an appeal may be lodged though the Meet Director. A protest fee of 35€ will be payable for each protest raised, regardless of the outcome.
25.3 Appeals must be received within two hours of the round scores being released. Appeals received after this time will not be allowed.

26. Determination of the Champion Team

26.1 The title of The Wind Games 2-Way Dynamic Champion Team will be awarded to the team who has emerged as victor from the final round.



All Lines can be viewed in this video.

  1. Head Down inface snake
  2. Head Down switching snake
  3. Head Down outface snake
  4. Head Up inface snake
  5. Head Up switching snake
  6. Head Up outface snake
  7. Mix inface snake
  8. Head Down 360 inface snake

All lines start in the same place.
All lines finish in the same place.
All lines must be flown in the correct pattern and flyers must pass the required lines completely.
Head Down outface snake - ONLY the first crossing of the line on the first page only. Flyers do not have to be in an outface position but still have to fully cross the line.
The outface head up snake - crossing the last line to finish the snake you can be in an inface position on all pages.


All layouts can be viewed in this video.

  1. Back Layout
  2. Bottom loop
  3. Classic
  4. Butterfly
  5. Bottom loop 360
  6. Half-barrel roll, 180
  7. Interlace
  8. Opposite bottom loop

All layouts will start in the same place.
All layouts will finish in the same place.
All layouts – Flyers must completely pass the required lines and around the center circle which is located 2metres high on the tunnel line.
Interlace and opposite bottom loop – Flyers must carve half the tunnel and perform the second bottom loop. For both bottom loops in this layout, the circle bust applies.


All moves can be viewed in this video.

  1. Head Down Inface circles
  2. Head Down Outface circles
  3. Head Up inface circles
  4. Head Up outface circles
  5. Shuffler
  6. Mix shuffler
  7. Head Down Outface shuffler
  8. Mix circles

All moves will start in the same place.
All moves will finish in the same place.
During a move each flyer must pass the line on each section of the move (this bust does not apply for 4 WD).
For examples of a flown sequence please visit

For any questions relating to the rules or technical information about the competition please contact Adam Mattacola.

For all administration questions please contact Windoor-Realfly.