Dynamic week

3. - 8. September 2017

Windoor week to promote and encourage dynamic flying and an introduction to competition flying for intermediate dynamic flyers.

Every night HUCK JAM!

Dynamic coaching for all levels with Windoor instructors Josh O'donoghue, Cesar Rico, Alex González, Dani Gallego and Eliot Pothet .  

Competition for

  • Intermediate teams. 
  • Lower level teams who want to train for Montreal.

Cost - 695€ per hour as part of the Windcoach Verano promotion.

8 September

Competition details

Intermediate competition – 4 speed rounds. 
Either 2WD or solo speed depending on registered teams.
Scrambles open competition – 3 speed and 2 fun rounds

Join to the Dynamic Week and enjoy flying!

More info/contact: proflyer@windoor-realfly.com

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