WindGames 2017

3-4 FEB


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About the WindGames


WINDOOR is pleased to announce the dates for the 4th edition of THE WINDGAMES. For the next edition, we will honour the traditional disciplines whilst continuing to innovate with some exciting new competitions.

THE WINDGAMES 2016 went viral, bringing indoor skydiving to the screens of more than 215 million viewers with millions watching the outstanding freestyle performances of Leonid Volkov and Maja Kuczynska. For 2017, our goal is to continue that momentum with an improved live feed, professional presentation and eye catching videos rapidly delivered to the remote audience.

The competition has steadily grown over the past few years, attracting National and World Champions past and present. THE WINDGAMES 2016 brought teams from the USA, Russia, South Africa and all over Europe to fight hard for medals in every discipline. We look forward to welcoming competitors from our previous competitions as well as new teams in 2017.

Choose Your Battles Wisely!

Spanish National Indoor Championships 2017

We are proud to announce that WINDOOR was elected to organize de FIRST SPANISCH NATIONAL INDOOR CHAMPIONSHIPS along the WIND GAMES.

You can read all about the disciplines and conditions at the dedicated Spanish National Indoor Champiosnhips 2017 page.

New Events

Speed races

Solo Speed: We are looking for the best dynamic flyers in the world to come to WINDOOR and battle it out to see who will be the world´s fastest flyer.

Do you have what it takes?

4 Speed: 4 Way Dynamic is a beautiful event that combines great teamwork and amazingly precise flying skills. In order to encourage more 4 way teams to compete at THE WINDGAMES 2017, WINDOOR will host a 4 Way Dynamic competition with speed rounds only.

The clock is ticking - are you fast enough?

2 way freestyle to music

Hot on the heels of the huge success of the solo freestyle competition in 2016, WINDOOR will introduce 2 Way Freestyle to music. Teams can consist of the same or mixed genders and opens up so many possibilities for choreography and musical choices to once again provide all of the ingredients for spectacular performances. WINDOOR is looking for creative teams who can merge dance, art and acrobatics into a completely new discipline to show the world a completely new performance art.

Traditional Disciplines

2 way dynamic

WINDOOR was the originator of 2 Way Dynamic and we introduced it for the first time at THE WINDGAMES in 2014. It has proven to be a big hit with competitors and spectators. The event has grown over the past years into a well-attended competition with a very exciting format.


Based on the huge success of the freestyle competition in 2016, WINDOOR will once again host a solo freestyle competition including musical rounds. We are looking forward to welcoming more competitors to make this event bigger and better. We are looking for style, creativity, originality and amazing flyers who can deliver indoor musical freestyle to a worldwide audience. Remember - The world will be watching!

Formation Skydiving Open AAA

We are looking forward to more exciting action from the worlds´ top teams. The timing and high attendance makes this a great event to include on your competition calendar.

Formation skydiving female

WINDOOR has consistently honoured the female category and will continue to support teams competing in this event.

Vertical formation Skydiving (VFS)

The unbelievable skill and precision makes VFS such an impressive discipline. THE WINDGAMES traditionally hosts one of the biggest VFS competitions in the world and we look forward to welcoming all VFS teams in 2017.

Prize money

Discipline Total 1st 2nd 3rd
Formation Skydiving 7000€ 4000€ 2000€ 1000€
Formation Skydiving Female 2500€ 1500€ 1000€ 1 hour tunnel time
Vertical Formation Skydiving 5000€ 3000€ 1500€ 500€
4-Way Speed 5000€ 3000€ 1500€ 500€
2-Way Dynamic 3500€ 2000€ 1000€ 500€
Freestyle Solo 1500€ 1000€ 500€ 1 hour tunnel time
Freestyle 2-Way 3500€ 2000€ 1000€ 500€
Speed Solo 1500€ 1000€ 500€ 1 hour tunnel time


  • Prizes for all places will only be awarded with registration of 8 teams or more
  • First place only prize money will be awarded with registration of 6 teams or more