Ever dreamed of flying? This is your chance to try it!

Wind2x3 is the perfect package if you are 3 people wanting to enjoy the experience of flying.

This pack equals in time to take 6 airplane jumps. With Wind2x3, each of you will make two entrances to the tunnel, maximum fun and safety thanks to the instructor who at all times guides and teaches you to take the flight to the maximum

Before flying there will be a theoretical class so you know how the flight works inside a tunnel and what to do. From there you will go to collect all the necessary equipment to fly, and you will be ready to go to the flight camera.

You will make 2 flights each one:
In the first flight you feel the air and you get used to the new medium, while we take pictures of you and your friends and / or relatives see you develop in the air (from outside or from the flight pre-flight if they also fly).
In the second flight you will control a little more, and if you wish the instructor will take you very high performing a Twister (see FAQ to know more).

At the end of the class your instructor will give you a Diploma of Flight and if you want a Windcard to return whenever you want with the benefits of not being new!


119.00 €

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