Official tunnel instructor course

Windoor is one of the few tunnels that can help you achieve a tunnel instructor qualification that is recognized for employment in Europe through the association 

What are the different qualification levels?

The qualification level that you can achieve is dependent on the abilities of the individual instructor and the amount of training tht you are able to complete. The levels are as follows:

1 Star - This is the basic instructor course.  With this qualification, an instructor can begin working in a tunnel, however, they will be unable to work with every client.

2 Stars  - With this rating, an instructor is qualified to spot or to make ´Twisters´.

3 Stars   - With this rating, an instructor is qualified to spot and to make ´Twisters´

4 Stars   - With this rating an instructor can train other instructors.

5 Stars     - With this rating an instructor is recognized as an instructor examiner.

Do I need previous experience?

No previous experience is necessary to begin the course. Previous tunnel or skydiving experience can be of help when taking the course, but it is not a necessary prerequisite.

How long does the course take?

In order to complete the basic instructor course each person is required to complete the theory and practical portions of the course.

There is approximately 6 hours of theory.

The practical lessons can generally be achieved in 6 – 15 hours of tunnel time.
Each day on the course will include between 45 – 1 hour of training.
Overall the course can take anywhere from 10 – 21 days depending on the individual.

The completion of the course is dependent on how well the individual understands and learns the course principles.  It is for this reason that the course is tailored to the individual and not the other way around.

Who is the examiner?

Josh O'donoghue has more than 10 years´ experience as a tunnel instructor/examiner.  Originally from the UK, he has become well-known  in the tunnel and the sky.  He is one of the best dynamic tunnel flyers in the world.
He currently lives in Switzerland in our sister tunnel, Realfly Sion.  Josh always helps his students realize their maximum potential.

What is the Price of the course?

The theory portion of the course is free.
The practical portion is the part that incurs the most cost because it involves coached tunnel time.

When is the next Tunnel Instructor Course?

We publish the dates of the instructor's course in our calendar.

We have a special offer of 750€ per hour for our 2019 courses!