The Wind Games is the name of the indoor flight competition held by Windoor; the first wind tunnel in Spain, and they were created in order to promote indoor flying as a sport.

Indoor flying is a sport with its own national federation in Spain, and it involves flying in a wind tunnel, while keeping to a series of regulations.

With over 500 million views online, and appearance on media channels the world over.

There are 5 disciplines in the Wind Games, which are divided into two main groups:

  • Static Disciplines
    • FS: 4 fliers performing their moves horizontally in the lower half of the tunnel.
    • VFS: 4 fliers, making their moves while holding a vertical position in the lower half of the tunnel.
  • Dynamic Disciplines
    • Freestyle the most artistic discipline.
      • Solo freestyle
      • Junior freestyle
    • SPEED RACES the name says it all
    • 2 WAY DYNAMIC is blend of Speed and Freestyle techniques.

The Wind Games 2019 booklet

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