In Windoor we have been developing our Corporate Social Responsibility project for more than 6 years, the VOLAMOS project.

The VOLAMOS Project was born to fulfill one of the biggest human dreams, the dream of FLYING, and to bring it to everyone without restrictions.

"If you want to, you can" is the philosophy in Windoor which we want to transmit to the whole world, giving the possibility of living and experiencing flying to any person without any limitations of age, weight, physical or sensory disability.


Through agreements with schools in the territory, we organized guided tours adapted and related to the contents that each educational project requires, from primary to high school.

Likewise, in Windoor we offer an extracurricular activity for all ages, turning the Indoor flight into a new sport and leisure practice.

People older than 65

This group can enjoy an unforgettable experience in Windoor, both incredibly healthy and highly recommended. The practice of flight stimulates a release of adrenaline and endorphins, creating a feeling of well-being and relaxation.

People with special needs

It is difficult to find activities adapted for people with special needs, however, Windoor breaks all barriers and offers this group the possibility to enjoy the experience of flying without any limits.

We have highly qualified personnel who will guide and assist flyers at all times, no matter their skillset or level.


  • Collaboration with the ESSENTIS method of Neurological rehabilitation developed by Windoor and Frederick Guez (2014).
    The Windoor team and Frederic Guez Osteopata D.O. director of the Essentis method center carried out a project with people with physical disabilities, in search of benefits for this group:
    • Being rolled with these forces and then held in a floating state, the intramuscular pressure of the patient increases what favors the connective tissue physiology and then the muscular performance.
    • It facilitates the work of proprioception and then it is easier for the patient to place his body in 3 dimensions.
    • The patient became aware that he is able to move his whole body when he only moves his eyes.
    • The patient overcomes a challenge and then works on their fears
    • The patient, if they manage to fly, gain proprioception (self awareness of body) as well as self-esteem.
  • Collaboration with the ONCE Foundation (2015). Invitation to children with visual disabilities to fly. Watch teh video.
  • Collaboration with the Multiple Sclerosis Association of Girona (2017).
  • Collaboration with the CARE ALL Foundation for children in Africa and orphans (year 2018).

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