Wind Games is the most important platform of Windoor. The competition brings together more than 200 professional flyers from around the world, and has a media impact of up to 500,000,000 views worldwide.

In this event Windoor will collaborate with two foundations to raise funds for solidarity projects.

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Discover more about the Care All Foundation

Sky Family Fund

An emergency fund in place to help members of the skydiving and BASE jumping communities who are unfortunate accident victims.

Let the Kids Fly (Empuriabrava)

The objective of this action is to raise the necessary funds to gift a first time flight to 150 children of the province of Girona who live in difficult conditions. During this phase a selection will be made and one or more kids awarded a scholarship that will take them to the achievement of an indoor flight instructor’s certification.

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Madona Primary School (Kenya)

Madonna Primary School is located in the former Rift Valley Province in Kenya. 250 pupils are currently enrolled. We are looking to raise 8500 euro to purchase a van for them which will enable the management to achieve their critical objective to offer quality education. The support will also enable the management to enroll more children in the school especially those who are still at home due to poverty.

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Chiutika Fortune Mwale Manda (Zambia/ Russia)

Chiutika is a young zambian with a dream: to make the world a better place! He won a scholarship at Tambov State Technical University, ranking 73 amongst more than 500 universities in Russia, and is studying civil engineering with a plan to follow up with environmental engineering so that he can help his country set up structures promoting sustainability that have as minimal an eco-footprint as possible. Care-All is supporting him with his living expenses during his studies.

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Rakesh (Nepal)

Rakesh is a shoe-shine from Kathmandu, Nepal. He has five kids: Avhay 9, Rohit 11, Pooja 13, Shova 15 and Neha 17 and the dream of giving an education to each one. With only 830 Euro all five kids can go to school for a year. Care-All’s objective is to help Rakesh achieve his dream and pay for the full education for all 5 children, which can be done for not much more than 5000 euro.

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Symon Shitombole (Kenya)

Symon is a young man from Kenya who is setting up his own sustainable business: a general store called : Skydive General Shop”. He is part of the inspiration for Care-All as it was after meeting him that our idea took its current form. We are supporting him with his start-up costs and helping him build a better future for himself.

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Diani Children’s Village (Kenya)

Diani Children’s Village is an orphanage in Diani Beach, Kenya. Currently there are 21 children staying at the Diani Children’s Village, aged between 1 and 18 years old. Most of the children are orphaned, neglected or abandoned. With just over 5000 euro a month we can help them cover most of their expenses.

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