Ground floor

Offices: place for 2WD and FREESTYLE judges to review free rounds

First Floor

Briefing Room: photo shooting plus chill out room when not in use for photos
Proflyer area: creeping area
Conference Room: Chill out space
Lockers: you will have a key for the team and there is space for 1 team to creep
Cloakroom: A secure space to leave any large bags. A member of staff can provide access to this secure area.
Massage room: you can book to have a massage (40 €/hour)

Second Floor

Live streaming staff
Interview table + commentators
Viewing Gallery


Tent: To eat, chill out and see the live streaming.
Toilets and Showers: if you need a towel, you can request one from the Wave Staff
FLOWRIDER: Do you want to use it? Book it!! Wetsuits are available.
Beach Volley-Football: Book a court for a pick up game or challenge another team to play against you.
Terrace: The perfect hideaway to soak up the sunshine.

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